A bit stuck and don’t know where to start? The Trucking Guru has designed a program that will prepare you to launch your Dispatching Business in 30 days or less. You will have access to Weekly zoom calls with The Trucking Guru and her successful Mentors, PLUS RECEIVE 4 ONE ON ONE SCHEDULED PHONE CALLS with a knowledgeable mentor appointed by The Trucking Guru. This 4 week mentorship is geared to those students that need extra loving with the material. This LIMITED SPACE package includes: Access to the Self guided Freight Dispatch course, hands on mentorship and guidance on starting your own dispatching business as well as access to a private Facebook group.  all hands on training will be completed with your mentor virtually.


Prior to the Start, you will receive an outline on how the program will flow. 


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-Fleet Management-


This course is designed for Fleet Owners, who are wanting to scale their business. It is also designed for individuals who are starting in the Fleet Management field and desire to be Fleet Managers. Led by The Trucking Guru who has extensive experience managing a fleet, alongside her will be several successful Fleet owners who will share experience, insight, and direction on running a profitable Transportation business. This LIMITED SPACE program will consist of Weekly Zoom Calls with The Trucking Guru and her Successful mentors, 4 ONE ON ONE SCHEDULED PHONE CALLS with a mentor appointed by The Trucking Guru.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the concepts of Fleet Management.
  • Understand the importance of Compliance and Fleet Policy.Explore various methods of financing your fleet. 
  • Learn how to calculate total fleet costs Including overhead.
  • And Much more … 


Prior to the Start of the program you will receive an outline and study material. 


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Interested in starting a career in the Transportation industry but don’t know where to start ? Then the Logistics Mini Course is for you. Here you will get an overview of the transportation industry and the role of a dispatcher. Upon completion use the coupon code to get $150 off the full dispatch course (Tribe access will be granted to those who purchase and complete the Dispatch course).




Becoming an Independent Freight Dispatcher is great role to step into as Transportation novice. It is a lucrative home business that requires little to no start up cost, (NO $75,000 bond needed). This course will give you all the tools you’ll need to navigate in the transportation industry all while building a thriving home business. The Trucking Guru has designed a Self Paced Course that breaks it down for you step by step. You will learn how to find carriers, land contracts, handle the back office and day to day operations of your new Dispatch Business. (Lifetime access)

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We firmly believe that this industry is going to prosper for years to come and we want to give our students a chance to launch an ongoing successful career in the Trucking Industry. After you have MASTERED DISPATCHING we encourage our students to take our Freight Broker course and stay knowledgeable with the most up to date information within the broker side of the business. 

The Trucking Guru suggests that those interested in this course have both prior knowledge and experience as a dispatcher.


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Funding DREAMS One Person At A Time. Applicants MUST have the following in order to submit for PRE APPROVAL: -Min. 680 Credit Score with all 3 bureaus -Yearly income of $30K or more -Verified income (W2, 1099, 1099R) -Currently employed -Less than 6 inquires within last yr on credit report -50% or less credit utilization -At least 3 active & established primary tradelines



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I'm Kierra Henderson aka "The Trucking Guru". I’m excited that you are interested in tapping into the billion dollar trucking industry and that you are considering me to be your logistics mentor. All of my courses were created with the person with absolutely no experience in mind. I am confident that after investing into yourself and buying the course you will be equipped with the knowledge to start your very own trucking empire.I recommend everyone start with the mini course. I even give you a coupon code at the end to apply towards the dispatching course when you’re ready to upgrade and go all in. Can’t wait to see you on the inside....

Frequently Asked Questions

No, a Truck Dispatcher Business does not require any special licenses. 

You need to make a payment here on our website. Next, you will be taken to a page to create your password. You will also receive a link in your email to access the course. You can log in anytime from any device.

Our curriculum can be completed in a week or a year. Everything will depend solely on your schedule and desire to learn. You will have unrestricted access to your online classroom. You will have access to your MEMBERSHIP AREA 24/7.

Yes, you can work on a smartphone that has Internet access. In fact after around for 4 PM some of our dispatchers take off and continue monitoring their drivers on the phone. The loadboards on which you will work and receive orders are all optimized for mobile devices. But working only on the smartphone will be very inconvenient. The screen on the phone is small, and it's not very uncomfortable. Calling the driver and clarifying how the load is moving is one thing. Looking for loads and navigating routes is something else entirely and most likely will not be very convenient for you.  

YES. If you have any questions after you have completed all parts of the course, you can send your questions to us at our email [email protected] We prefer this method of contact verses social media.  If you feel like you will need more coaching then it is recommended that you purchase the Hold My Hand bundle which includes 4 weeks of additional mentorship

We can not guarantee something that will entirely depend on you and you ONLY. The way you present yourself, your professionalism and many other things will determine your success. However, we will provide all necessary information for you to get a job as a freight dispatcher or open your own Independent Truck Dispatcher Business. We have numerous testimonials from students that have completely changed their financial situation due to applying what was learned in the courses.

The best way to contact us is via email. Please forward your questions to [email protected].

Please allow up to 48 hours for a response. 

If you send DM on Instagram you may or may not get a response. 

"Kierra really knows her stuff when it comes to the trucking industry I was surprised that the course was as informative as it was. I highly recommend it "

Mike D.

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