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The Mutha Trucking Guru...

 I'm Kierra but most call me "the trucking guru". I started in the logistics industry over 15 years ago in an entry level position as a dispatcher and worked my way up to a fleet manager position, when that position abruptly ended I begin to work independently as a home based dispatcher for owner operators that I had developed relationships with. I evolved to a fleet owner and now teach thousands of students around the world to become self sufficient and leverage a recession proof industry that fuels the economy in more ways than one.


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Jaleel Harrell

"Shoutout to Kierra Henderson for connecting us with all the right people. Next time that she has a live event make sure that you invest in yourself and be there."

Tina Brown

"We were able to get training from one of the best in the industry! Thanks for providing us with the blueprint to dispatching and going hard for the tribe we've learned so much in such a short time! "


" I know it will be far from easy. Only the beginning, I'm now a 23 year old CDL holder and entrepreneur"

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